Welcome to my current project – U-52!

The idea of this project is to do training aiming the AIDA freediving world championships 2019 and dive there a constant weight no fins, CNF, dive deeper than 80 meters. It has been my dream since 2011 and I know this kind of dive I can do. Of course I need now lots of training since I haven’t been training much during last few years. So far there are only 9 persons in the world who has done 80 meters or more so it is a big number. It is a big challenge! Actually on the top of the Mount Everest visit average about 50 persons in a year, so that is much more than diving in 80 meters deep without fins.

By the time of the world championships at 2019 I will be 52 years of age, thus the name of the project U-52.




I am proud to announce that Y-40, the world’s deepest pool, is supporting my project. This means a lot since I am regularly training there. It is the best place to do training during the winter for me. Everything is always well organised, personnel is friendly and the pool itself is amazing.